the Top 10 Best iPhone 5/5C/5S Cases of 2013 

2013 best iPhone 5/5c/5s Cases Review 

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1 Stylish and in-controlDust, Drop and Scratch98 Protection that will keep your device looking stylish while you stay on top of your highly connected life.

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2 Get a unique case and support artists along the way!Protection - Dust, Drop   Scratch97Limited edition cases, made with love by artisan who cherish the materials and customers. Cary a handmade art work as your iPhone case!

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Beautiful ProtectionShock, Scratch, Wind and Rain96Elegent, Beautiful, casing while supplying high end protection for your phone.

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4 Extreme Sports EnthusiastsShock, Scratch, Water, Dirt & Snow96The Hit Case Pro enables mounting your iPhone in different settings turning it into a pro xtreme cam!

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5 MinimalistsDust, Scratch and Screen95The CM4 Wallet Q Card offers a minimalistic design for a case/wallet solution.

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6 Gamers, textures and butterfingersDust, Drop and Scratch 95No matter what, your iPhone will be safe. User experience intact.

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7 Fashion and Protection CombinedDust, Drop and Scratch95Hard polycarbonate walls and back fabrics. This is how fabulous feels.

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8 Adventurers, ParentsShock, Scratch, Water, Dirt & Snow 95No matter what, your iPhone will be safe. User experience intact.

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9 Stylish, Super Protective Dust, Drop, Scratch and Screen94Where high end protection meet high end fashion.

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10 Modern, Low-Cost Protection Dust, Drop, Scratch and Screen94Not too bulky, provides adequate protection and a great Modern-Rugged look for far less expensive than the alternative.

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17 Modern, Low-Cost Protection Dust, Drop, Scratch and Screen94Not too bulky, provides adequate protection and a great Modern-Vibrant look for far less expensive than the alternative.

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18 Sleek, low profile protection Dust, Drop and Scratch93The feather for the new iPhone is a slim, form-fitting case that offers low-profile protection.

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Do I really need an iPhone Case?

Value for money & Post-Purchase

Smart phones have become such an important part of our lives these days that it’s hard to imagine living in a time without them. Our dependence on them to store the information of all our friends, business contacts, appointments, photos and even our entire music library has resulted in a device that is impeccable to our day-to-day routine.   

Despite the ongoing popularity of Apple’s iPhone, the Company has consistently failed to invest in adequate levels of protection for its devices. Each one of us knows of at least one person that has had their iPhone break and has had to spend several hundreds of dollars repairing it – let alone the stress involved in losing all of their valuable information! 

Statistics have revealed that approximately 25% of iPhones will undergo repair due to a cracked screen (usually as a result from being dropped). Whether it slips out of your hand or your kid drops it, Accidents are prone to occur and Apple’s lack of investment in the iPhone’s physical protection means that an extra level of protection in the form of a solid iPhone case is crucial to guard against your investment. 

With the cost of an iPhone reaching almost $850 these days, it’s no surprise that approximately 80% of iPhone users have invested in quality cases to increase its protection. Therefore, in order to provide protection against any physical damage as well as the possibility of losing all data held on your iPhone, a simple one off investment in an iPhone case is critical! 

How do I choose the best iPhone case for me?

Deciding what iPhone case to choose really comes down to what situations your iPhone often finds itself in. It’s all about your needs. 

For example, if you have children the chances of you breaking your phone increases substantially and you should definitely consider a front & back shock protecting case. If uniqueness is your thing, you should take we recommend a customisable case. If you’re focus is on the slim and slick style, there are some great option for you out there! But it’s all about understanding what is the most important things for you.

For most of us, determining what situations our iPhones often find themselves in will often help determine which case to choose. Whilst all the cases that our site reviews generally provide protection against the more commonly requested measures such as cracked screens, water exposure and shock absorption; matching your needs with the case features will undoubtedly make you like your case, and be happy about your decision. 

After you chose the right case for yourself there are 2 easy steps to make sure you get the most value from it:

1) In a case there is a warranty, register for it! although accidents are really rare, we recommend registering for the warranty, so in a case somethings does happen, you’ll know you don’t have to spend a dime on it.

2) If there is a manual, read it! Some cases have special features, such as underwater protection and shock resistance, reading the manual will make sure you know exactly what your case can do for you and how you should handle it. 

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